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How to manage an earthquake

It is no secret that Japan has a lot of earthquakes. But what many people don’t know is that earthquakes happens (almost) every day somewhere in Japan! However, most of them are so small that they go by unnoticed. Since earthquakes are so common, the Japanese people is accustomed to them, and so should you be if are going to Japan!

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Japan is not like any other country

Japan is unique in many ways. I especially appreciate the politeness and public tidiness. It might seem stiff at first glance, but once experienced you will definitely miss it when going back home! I...

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Recommended hotels

One of the most common questions I get after “what to see and do in Japan?” is “where to stay in Tokyo?” (since Tokyo usually is the first stop in Japan). So I’ve started...

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Places to visit in Tokyo – Akihabara

Do you like games, electronics, manga, anime or cute maids? Then Akihabara is for you! This district in central eastern Tokyo is also called Electric Town because this is where you go to buy cheap electronics....

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Den kulinariska resan – del 2

Jag och min bror reste till Japan i april 2015. Vi försökte följa mina egna 5 tips inför din Japanresa och utforskade Tokyo och Kyoto i lugnt tempo och åt massor med god mat!...

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Uppdatering av Japanfokus

Japanfokus har inte funnits så länge än, bara sedan juni förra året. Läsarantalet har ökat sedan dess och nu på senare tid har det börjat komma fler och fler besökare från andra länder. Förutom...

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5 tips for your Japan trip

I have just come home from my latest Japan trip, which you can read about here: Den kulinariska resan. I have been booking and arranging three trips to Tokyo and Kyoto so far for my...